Last spring I picked up a very well bred pup we named Rex. That adorable black lab pup has grown into a wonderful retrieving fool that loves affection and isn’t too high strung.

When Willow came into heat this winter, we gave him a shot at siring his first litter with Willow. She wasn’t showing for a long time so we figured he had failed, but we are pleased to announce her upcoming litter. She shares a due date of 1/27 with Sammi.

If you are looking for black lab puppy, this may be the first litter in quite some time that it will be an option so we are really excited.

Stay tuned for updates! You can also text Derrick @ 208-451-0523 for more timely updates. A text a day isn’t uncommon for those wanting to reserve their pick of the litter. Here’s one of Willow’s previous puppies.