We are excited to announce that Willow is definitely pregnant.  The next important question is, when is Willow due?

The gestation period we anticipate is 61 days, just under 9 weeks.  This is a relatively consistent period.  If Willow was only bred on a single day, our anticipated whelping (birthdate) would be very accurate.

The breeding of Rex and Willow was unusual in that they bred multiple times over the course of 2 weeks, creating a large variance in our forecasted date.  At this point, we must consider the litter may arrive as early as September 22nd and as late as October 6th.

As we get closer to the whelping date she will show late-term signs that should help us narrow the range of due dates.  One example of this is her milk will start coming in shortly before whelping.  I will try to forecast the whelping date as we go, so you’ll know when to watch for the upcoming announcement.