I am back from elk hunting, so here is the much-needed update.  Tomorrow I will start working through your texts, calls, and emails.

Willow is huge!  She’s a smaller lab so a full litter of puppies swells her small frame to comical levels.  Her tender nature and intense retrieving drive is unchanged, yet her pace is definitely slowed by her waddle.  When I took this picture, she was eagerly awaiting me to throw the bumper. 

The question everyone is eager to know is, when will she whelp?  Again, this is just a guess, but I’m thinking around September 28th.  As she progresses, my opinion may change, but that’s what I believe now.

I am very excited about this bonus announcement!  My long time companion and loyal friend, Rico, successfully sired a litter with Sammi.  Rico turns eleven this December and I never saw him show any interest in Sammi as she progressed through her heat cycle, so I was surprised that the old boy still has it in him and provided this successful breeding.  At his age, the job of siring litters can become unproductive.  Her larger frame hid the pups very well, though there may not be many puppies, she’s close and may even beat Willow to a whelping date.  I’ll keep you updated on this front also.