Willow's Getting Close

I checked early this morning in preparation for your texts and calls but unfortunately, no puppies have arrived.  When I went back to play with her, it was obvious her demeanor has changed.  She doesn’t want to leave her whelping box and wouldn’t give me much attention.  The pups are coming sooner than later.  I would estimate within the next 12-24 hours. 

Whelping, or the process of birthing the puppies, is not a quick process.  It often takes 45-90 minutes between the arrival of each subsequent puppy.  This gives her a chance to clean up each puppy and take a break before the contractions start, initiating the arrival of the next puppy. 

With the advance notice she’s given, I’ll get the page created and updated as soon as she whelps.  The arrival announcement page may go live before she finishes, but the option to reserve picks won’t be available until she finishes.  When she finishes, I’ll activate the buttons enabling the reservation of picks.  I will have a prominent link on our home page as well as a link under the navigation link “Puppy Updates.”