I returned home late Wednesday from my first ice fishing adventure in the mountains to find a wonderful surprise, Echo was finished whelping! We have 6 males (4 black and 2 yellow) and 2 females (2 black).  To those of you that have texted me or left messages while I was out of service, I’m sorry but I wasn’t comfortable returning messages so late after my return.  It’s currently 2:45 am and I’ll return calls and messages after I get up in the morning, sorry for the inconvenience.

Your pick of the litter can be reserved here.  If the pick you attempt to reserve is “out of stock”, quickly select the following next pick.  The dropdown menu and availability chart have to be updated manually, and won’t change until I return to the computer and can make the edits.

Echo’s page has not been created yet but Rico is her father and Indi is her mother.  Echo is an impressive athlete in a tiny package.  She weighs about 47 pounds and is fast!  Her high retrieving drive makes her a joy to play with and excels in the field in hunting situations.  

Echo's First Litter of Black and Yellow Labradors Retrievers