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We really enjoy watching your puppies grow and develop into wonderful companions. Rather than texting or emailing those updates as we have done in the past, I hope you will take the opportunity to share them on this page so that everyone can enjoy the progress of your little labrador retriever. These posts and pictures serve as great testimonials for those that are trying to decide where to purchase their next puppy. Please share your pictures and stories through this simple form. All posts are manually approved and will generally be posted within a couple days.

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Murphy was from Sammi x Rico litter born 1/31/19. Hes a good hiker, loved by all in Ketchum ID and gets along with his three kitty siblings!


Wonderful Dog

Thanks to Derrick for a wonderful dog! Huck is such a loving, relaxed family dog. He’s also turning into a great field trial pup. Here he is with his second place qualifying ribbons. He earned the QA2 title at 27 months. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for him.

What an incredible experience…and puppy!

Derrick was so amazing during the process of picking up our puppy!
While we were waiting for Willow to have her babies, Derrick was so patient as we texted him every day for updates in order to get our place in line to pick out our pup. Once she was born he sent us pictures, and let us know anytime he posted some updates on the website so we could see her grow. We’ve had her now for a couple weeks and couldn’t be happier!
We quickly realized how great of a guy Derrick is, and it made us very confident in the puppy that we were getting.
When we went to pick her out we got to meet both the mom and dad, which gave us even more of a feeling of security. I only hope that we can train our new puppy, Spoke, to be as well behaved as those two.
I would absolutely recommend Derrick, and Idaho AKC labs, to any of my friends… And I have!
Thank you again Derrick! Spoke has been such an incredible addition to our lives!


Update on Elvis

This mudball has been having fun learning farm dog life. His shed hunting training is getting better and better, he has been able to find them now by scent only. We are going to start taking him out in the woods soon and put him to the test! He’s obsessed with finding horns, so I think it will go well! He’s been such a joy. Very happy we added him to our family


New Adventures!

Elvis had his first big outing today. He did awesome! He has also been doing really good with his shed hunting training. He really seems to enjoy that! He’s a fun dog!


Ruby completes us <3

We are so in love with little miss Ruby! She has been on so many adventures with us and makes everyone smile each morning! We love watching her grow and can’t believe how fast it’s happening. Thank you again Derrick and family for raising such a loving pup. She’s so well-behaved, so easy to train, and just the sweetest disposition. She’s spunky, LOVE all people and DOGS! Once she has all her vaccinations, look out dog beach!

Collage 2018-08-RUBY.jpg

Amazed by this dog

Just wanted to share again how amazing these dogs are. Elvis is one smart little cookie. Not only does he have all the basics like sit, laydown and leash work down, he fetches like a pro (hoping to make a shed hunter out of him) and he’s already mastering tricks. He has been easy to train and I couldn’t be happier.

He has also bonded with my daughter and watching the two of them has been pretty entertaining. They love to try to get into trouble. Like trying to get into the dog food bin.