Echo X Rex Litter Has Arrived

I returned home late Wednesday from my first ice fishing adventure in the mountains to find a wonderful surprise, Echo was finished whelping! We have 6 males (4 black and 2 yellow) and 2 females (2 black).  To those of you that have texted me or left messages while I was out of service, I’m sorry but I wasn’t comfortable returning messages so late after my return.  It’s currently 2:45 am and I’ll return calls and messages after I get up in the morning, sorry for the inconvenience.

Your pick of the litter can be reserved here.  If the pick you attempt to reserve is “out of stock”, quickly select the following next pick.  The dropdown menu and availability chart have to be updated manually, and won’t change until I return to the computer and can make the edits.

Echo’s page has not been created yet but Rico is her father and Indi is her mother.  Echo is an impressive athlete in a tiny package.  She weighs about 47 pounds and is fast!  Her high retrieving drive makes her a joy to play with and excels in the field in hunting situations.  

Echo's First Litter of Black and Yellow Labradors Retrievers

Echo X Rex Litter Coming Soon

Echo is getting very close, she is due 12/31.  It has been busy over the holidays, but I will get a new page created for her and also get some pictures posted.  Echo is the daughter of Rico and Indi.  She is small and quick with a very high retrieving drive.  For someone looking for an adventure dog, her compact frame and high endurance will allow her to keep up with your active lifestyle.  Rex is the black dog on the right and Echo is on the right.

Alexia's First Ducks with Rex and Echo

Our sweet Bella

We are enjoying our sweet and sassy Bella so much! Her new big sister has had her life turned upside down after being an only dog for several years (including having to share her beds), but is loving every minute of it!


Water Work

This poor girl is loaded down with puppies, but that doesn’t deter her love of retrieving or the water.  She probably relishes the weightless feeling she enjoys while swimming.  Her trademark launch into the water is now a bit awkward and cumbersome.  We are anxiously awaiting the announcement of her puppies and look forward to meeting you.  Until then, enjoy Willow.

Scheduling Puppy Selections and Helpful Information

We know that you are in the seemingly longest part of this process. The puppies are healthy and so much fun as they begin to play and explore. They are now eating moistened puppy food and Indi’s food when they can sneak a bite.

We have started scheduling dates for you to visit and select your puppy. We will contact you as soon as the prior pick is set so we can schedule your visit. We have many people traveling significant distances so it’s important that we schedule as quickly as possible so travel plans can be arranged. Scheduling timely, sequential visits is important and challenging so we appreciate your patience and flexibility.

With COVID concerns, here are some details of your visit that may alleviate some lingering questions. Your visit and selection will be conducted outdoors on fifteen rural acres. In the event of rain, we have a large outdoor covered area. I will not be providing masks nor do I require them. You will be greeted warmly…from a distance. If you don’t feel well or have a fever, contact me so we can develop an alternate plan.

The puppies are on Nature’s Domain Puppy Food that I get at Costco. I will send you home with a quart bag so that you can transition onto your preferred puppy food.  By the time they go home, they are on dry puppy food.

I will have the puppy purchase agreements completed for you with all current and updated information including the health records.

The puppies will be on a gravity feeder before going home so they have access to as much food as they need. We recommended offering full bowls of food a few times a day and removing the bowl after your puppy eats and loses interest. The intent is to minimize the chance of a food-obsessed dog. If at some point the dog is unable to self manage a healthy weight, the quantity of food will have to be restricted.

The first of the vaccination series will have been given at six weeks and will need to continue at regular intervals until the age of sixteen weeks. The intervals will vary by the vaccine manufacturer, but generally are every two to four weeks.

For final payment we only accept cash or credit cards with the additional 3% processing fee.  I can send a Paypal invoice prior your your visit or swipe a credit card during the visit.  If paying with credit card, paying the invoice prior to your visit simplifies the pick up process and minimizes contact.

Depending on the county mosquito abatement spraying schedule, mosquitoes can be plentiful, we do have mosquito repellant available if needed.


The Affects of COVID-19 On Our Process

With COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, I intend to delay visits/selections until nearly 7 weeks when the puppy can go home at the time of selection. This would greatly reduce the number of interactions with different customers. This deviates from our long-standing traditions but unfortunately necessary at this time.

I know how difficult it is to wait to meet/choose your long-awaited puppy and I appreciate your patience as we try to minimize excessive interactions. Please contact me if you have any questions.