– All Puppies Have Been Reserved –

Born September 25, 2020

Willow X Rex

These puppies are 3 wks (24 days) old.


$1,400 Male/Female AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding)

$2,400 Male/Female AKC Full Registration (breeding)

Important Dates:

6 Weeks – 11/6 – 1st Vaccinations

7 Weeks – 11/13 – Selection Starts, Puppies Going Home

With current COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, we’ll schedule sequential selection visits to coincide with taking your puppy home.  

Males (2 black, 1 yellow):
Male 1st Pick – Kearns – 9/25 – UT  Reserved
Male 2nd Pick – Panko – 9/25 – ID Reserved
Male 3rd Pick – Hilliard – 9/25 – ID Reserved
Females (2 yellow & 2 Black):
Female 1st Pick – Zeigler – 9/25 – ID Reserved
Female 2nd Pick – Kindelt – 9/25 – ID Reserved
Female 3rd Pick – Dobson – 9/25 – ID Reserved
Female 4th Pick – Applegate – 9/26 – ID Reserved

Price – Male / Female:
AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) – $1,400
AKC Full Registration – $2,400

To reserve a pick of the litter or puppy, call/text Derrick at 208-451-0523 or email him at derrick@idahoakclabs.com. If you have read our “Terms of Deposit” and “Puppy Purchase Agreement” and would like to reserve your pick now, use the drop-down option and “Pay Now”. The payment amount due is $309 ($9 for the processing fees) payable by credit card or Paypal account. The $300 is applied toward the full purchase price of the puppy. The order of reserved picks is the order in which deposits are received. We do not take any deposits until the litter has been born. We do not maintain a call back list so check the website, call or text for litter updates.

Deposits are non-refundable so please review our Terms of Deposits which also explains the time frame of when your reserved pick must be exercised and our Puppy Purchase Agreement.

Delay in Posting

I will be posting the next videos of the pups on Sunday afternoon.  I’ll separate the males and females so that it is easier to see your pool of puppies.  They are growing fast and have had their dew claws removed.  Sorry for the delay but I won’t get back early enough tomorrow to post.

Willow’s Puppies – Day 1

Willow Puppies - Day 1

Meet your future puppy! They are all doing very well and Willow has bounced back and eagerly found a dummy so we can play retrieving. Her athleticism has allowed her to recover incredibly fast.

I am sorry to those that missed out on this litter and hope that we can help you get a puppy from Sammi’s upcoming litter.

Not the Big Announcement, But…

Willow's Getting Close

I checked early this morning in preparation for your texts and calls but unfortunately, no puppies have arrived.  When I went back to play with her, it was obvious her demeanor has changed.  She doesn’t want to leave her whelping box and wouldn’t give me much attention.  The pups are coming sooner than later.  I would estimate within the next 12-24 hours. 

Whelping, or the process of birthing the puppies, is not a quick process.  It often takes 45-90 minutes between the arrival of each subsequent puppy.  This gives her a chance to clean up each puppy and take a break before the contractions start, initiating the arrival of the next puppy. 

With the advance notice she’s given, I’ll get the page created and updated as soon as she whelps.  The arrival announcement page may go live before she finishes, but the option to reserve picks won’t be available until she finishes.  When she finishes, I’ll activate the buttons enabling the reservation of picks.  I will have a prominent link on our home page as well as a link under the navigation link “Puppy Updates.”

Water Work

This poor girl is loaded down with puppies, but that doesn’t deter her love of retrieving or the water.  She probably relishes the weightless feeling she enjoys while swimming.  Her trademark launch into the water is now a bit awkward and cumbersome.  We are anxiously awaiting the announcement of her puppies and look forward to meeting you.  Until then, enjoy Willow.

Willow’s Status and Bonus Announcement

I am back from elk hunting, so here is the much-needed update.  Tomorrow I will start working through your texts, calls, and emails.

Willow is huge!  She’s a smaller lab so a full litter of puppies swells her small frame to comical levels.  Her tender nature and intense retrieving drive is unchanged, yet her pace is definitely slowed by her waddle.  When I took this picture, she was eagerly awaiting me to throw the bumper. 

The question everyone is eager to know is, when will she whelp?  Again, this is just a guess, but I’m thinking around September 28th.  As she progresses, my opinion may change, but that’s what I believe now.

I am very excited about this bonus announcement!  My long time companion and loyal friend, Rico, successfully sired a litter with Sammi.  Rico turns eleven this December and I never saw him show any interest in Sammi as she progressed through her heat cycle, so I was surprised that the old boy still has it in him and provided this successful breeding.  At his age, the job of siring litters can become unproductive.  Her larger frame hid the pups very well, though there may not be many puppies, she’s close and may even beat Willow to a whelping date.  I’ll keep you updated on this front also.