Piper has a very sweet personality and was great with our young kids. Since she was so pleasant, she had the unusual privilege of spending a lot of time in our house. This is a rare occurance considering the number of dogs we have. Her wonderful disposition was complimented by her ability to learn quickly and demonstrate obedience in taking commands. To top everything off, she was a great looking dog and we regularly received compliments affirming her exceptional looks. I know looks aren’t everything but it’s more fun when a retriever performs it’s duties and looks good while doing it.

Piper’s prey drive and outstanding nose caught the attention of a retired officer that trains drug dogs for police departments and other agencies across the northwest.  After viewing video of Piper, he was eager to see her in action and to put her through is own screening field tests.  She performed exceptionally well and was selected into drug dog training school.


Black Lab

Piper IFA - AKC Pedigree

AKC Registered