Why can’t I come see the puppy’s yet?
I don’t allow any visitors to see the puppies before they reach five weeks of age. There are a number of reasons for this, but they all center around the litters well-being.

These are the primary reasons:
-it stresses the mother to have strangers approach and handle her puppies.
-it does not help in selecting a specific pup (yet). Their coloring and personalities are developing rapidly at this time.
-most importantly, it increases the chance of exposing the pups to life-threatening diseases, ie parvo. Some of these diseases are easily transmitted and could arrive innocently on your shoes. Think I am just being paranoid, I don’t really care. We have a long track record of healthy pups and I trust that it is a direct result of our precautionary efforts. Even those that have made deposits have the same restricted access.

After five weeks of age, their personalities start to show and spending time with the pups can be beneficial in selecting a pup.

What if you don’t have the color of pup I want?
I understand everyone has certain preferences in colors and labs come with a variety of colors and shades. I caution anyone that puts too much emphasis on color when selecting a pup.  I promise you, color will not matter at all if you select a pup that does not match your needs. Picking a pup is a very exciting and special time that also has very long-term impacts, so I purposely limit my influence unless requested.

Which is the best pup?
I actually get this question, but it’s way too subjective to even consider answering. These are questions you need to consider to reach a helpful answer. What do you want to do with the dog and how much of it? How active are you? What is your training experience? What is your training/disciplining style? What dog traits do you love/prefer? Starting with this additional information will help narrow the puppy selection and identify good potential candidates.  The “best” and the rest will be determined by your training.

I really want a pup, but I don’t want the last picks of the litter, what should I do?
I used to share the same concerns about last picks of a litter until I have watched incredible pups get passed over. You would be amazed how people base their puppy selection decisions. Rather than the proper matching of the pups personality to it’s future duties and lifestyle, other deciding factors come into play ie. he licked me a lot when I picked him up, she charged right over too me, she is sooo cuddly, etc. Everyone picks a specific pup based on their personal complex reasons. It’s crazy to think that your “best” pup is gone because others were selected first. Now it is possible that the remaining pups aren’t the right match for what you need, but don’t rule it out simply because they are still available. I have gotten really excited about the remaining pups of a litter which would require that I have to keep and train them. If there are only a couple left, spend time with them and see if one of them fits your style and needs.