Anticipated Litter – Rex X Willow – October 2020

– Lab Style –

“American Lab”

– Estimated Size –

50-65 Pounds

– Deposits – 

None Until Born

– Waiting List –

No call back or waiting list

* Price *

AKC offers two registration types to control breeding options and the price varies between the two, but is the same for males and females.  AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) is $1,400 and AKC Full Registration (full breeding rights) is $2,400.  The AKC Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration in the future by paying the difference of $1,000.  Deposits are $300.  Estimated due date Sept 22 – Oct 6.

* Reserving Your Pick *

As soon as the pups are born, picks of the litter are available for reservation. I will create a new page for the litter which will have “Pay Now” buttons to reserve your pick directly through the website. Between the time the pups are born and the new page is created, you can reserve a pick by contacting me directly. The arrival of the new litter will not be announced until the new page is published. I usually have the page created within a day or two of the whelping date.

Willow’s Status and Bonus Announcement

I am back from elk hunting, so here is the much-needed update.  Tomorrow I will start working through your texts, calls, and emails.

Willow is huge!  She’s a smaller lab so a full litter of puppies swells her small frame to comical levels.  Her tender nature and intense retrieving drive is unchanged, yet her pace is definitely slowed by her waddle.  When I took this picture, she was eagerly awaiting me to throw the bumper. 

The question everyone is eager to know is, when will she whelp?  Again, this is just a guess, but I’m thinking around September 28th.  As she progresses, my opinion may change, but that’s what I believe now.

I am very excited about this bonus announcement!  My long time companion and loyal friend, Rico, successfully sired a litter with Sammi.  Rico turns eleven this December and I never saw him show any interest in Sammi as she progressed through her heat cycle, so I was surprised that the old boy still has it in him and provided this successful breeding.  At his age, the job of siring litters can become unproductive.  Her larger frame hid the pups very well, though there may not be many puppies, she’s close and may even beat Willow to a whelping date.  I’ll keep you updated on this front also. 

When is Willow Due?

We are excited to announce that Willow is definitely pregnant.  The next important question is, when is Willow due?

The gestation period we anticipate is 61 days, just under 9 weeks.  This is a relatively consistent period.  If Willow was only bred on a single day, our anticipated whelping (birthdate) would be very accurate.

The breeding of Rex and Willow was unusual in that they bred multiple times over the course of 2 weeks, creating a large variance in our forecasted date.  At this point, we must consider the litter may arrive as early as September 22nd and as late as October 6th.

As we get closer to the whelping date she will show late-term signs that should help us narrow the range of due dates.  One example of this is her milk will start coming in shortly before whelping.  I will try to forecast the whelping date as we go, so you’ll know when to watch for the upcoming announcement.

Living her best life!

We are so fortunate to have found Idaho AKC Labs and our new little love Bella (now Mollie). Derrick and family did an amazing job raising a healthy and happy puppy that transitioned into our home beautifully. Mollie has a wonderful temperament, is extremely loving and beyond sweet! She is our Idaho bred beach girl! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality doggie & breeder!


Elvis Update

Almost 2 years with this goofy boy. He went on his first big camping trip over the fourth of July and had a blast. Between playing with the 8 other dogs and all the kids he was in heaven. Pretty sure once we got home he didn’t get up from his bed for several hours! Still so happy we added him to the family!


Meet Murphy and Mishka

It is great to get an update on Murphy and Mishka, full siblings, and happy buddies.  Thanks, Shannon for their great pictures.

Scheduling Puppy Selections and Helpful Information

We know that you are in the seemingly longest part of this process. The puppies are healthy and so much fun as they begin to play and explore. They are now eating moistened puppy food and Indi’s food when they can sneak a bite.

We have started scheduling dates for you to visit and select your puppy. We will contact you as soon as the prior pick is set so we can schedule your visit. We have many people traveling significant distances so it’s important that we schedule as quickly as possible so travel plans can be arranged. Scheduling timely, sequential visits is important and challenging so we appreciate your patience and flexibility.

With COVID concerns, here are some details of your visit that may alleviate some lingering questions. Your visit and selection will be conducted outdoors on fifteen rural acres. In the event of rain, we have a large outdoor covered area. I will not be providing masks nor do I require them. You will be greeted warmly…from a distance. If you don’t feel well or have a fever, contact me so we can develop an alternate plan.

The puppies are on Nature’s Domain Puppy Food that I get at Costco. I will send you home with a quart bag so that you can transition onto your preferred puppy food.  By the time they go home, they are on dry puppy food.

I will have the puppy purchase agreements completed for you with all current and updated information including the health records.

The puppies will be on a gravity feeder before going home so they have access to as much food as they need. We recommended offering full bowls of food a few times a day and removing the bowl after your puppy eats and loses interest. The intent is to minimize the chance of a food-obsessed dog. If at some point the dog is unable to self manage a healthy weight, the quantity of food will have to be restricted.

The first of the vaccination series will have been given at six weeks and will need to continue at regular intervals until the age of sixteen weeks. The intervals will vary by the vaccine manufacturer, but generally are every two to four weeks.

For final payment we only accept cash or credit cards with the additional 3% processing fee.  I can send a Paypal invoice prior your your visit or swipe a credit card during the visit.  If paying with credit card, paying the invoice prior to your visit simplifies the pick up process and minimizes contact.

Depending on the county mosquito abatement spraying schedule, mosquitoes can be plentiful, we do have mosquito repellant available if needed.


The Affects of COVID-19 On Our Process

With COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, I intend to delay visits/selections until nearly 7 weeks when the puppy can go home at the time of selection. This would greatly reduce the number of interactions with different customers. This deviates from our long-standing traditions but unfortunately necessary at this time.

I know how difficult it is to wait to meet/choose your long-awaited puppy and I appreciate your patience as we try to minimize excessive interactions. Please contact me if you have any questions.