Sammi Has Whelped!

We are excited to announce that Sammi finished whelping a litter of four males and two females last night! Check the “Litter Updates” dropdown to access this litter’s new page and for the buttons to reserve your pick. Call or text with any questions, 208-451-0523

Dueling Pregnancies

Willow is scheduled to be due a week after Sammie but is currently carrying unusually low.  With Sammie going a little long and Willow a little early, we are about to get very busy with puppies.  Keep an eye out for updates because they should be coming very soon.  

Males/Females will be $950 for AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding).  I do not maintain a call back list and do not take deposits until the puppies are born.  Thanks, Derrick 208-451-0523 

Pack Swim

We have more than enough dummies to go around and they love it!

Meet the Beach

First time on the beach and these tiny little guys couldn’t help but get wet. They are still just figuring out how to use their legs, so water in an unusual experience for them. Videos of the adventure are coming soon.