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– Lab Style –

“American Lab”

– Estimated Size –

50-65 Pounds

– Deposits – 

None Until Born

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No call back or waiting list

* Price *

AKC offers two registration types to control breeding options and the price varies between the two, but is the same for males and females.  AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) is $1,400 and AKC Full Registration (full breeding rights) is $2,400.  The AKC Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration in the future by paying the difference of $1,000.  Deposits are $300.  

Willow’s Puppies – 6 Weeks

These adorable, balls of energy are getting close to going to their new homes very soon. Each of these puppies is incredibly social and well bonded to people. They love attention and affection. They received their first vaccination of Canine Spectra 6 today, the first in a series of shots they’ll receive up until sixteen weeks of age.

After running and playing hard, today was the first day they unflinchingly entered the water to get a drink.

Sammi’s Puppies – 3 Weeks

Sammi’s puppies are growing fast but still young enough that they prefer the warmth and comfort of the pile of siblings

Willow’s Puppies – 4 Weeks

The temperature has been falling and the wind has been blowing. The combination of the two factors had these little puppies second-guessing the idea of leaving the security of the tote. They are doing really well and, after getting acclimated, were all eager to play

Willow’s Male Puppies – 3 Weeks

This is their first experience out in the pasture and they were not eager to start exploring. Interrupting nap time may have contributed to their lack of interest, but they were content to try to get back to sleep.