Indi's Puppies Are Here

No Reservations Available

Call/Text 208-451-0523 or email

– Lab Style –

“American Lab”

– Estimated Size –

50-65 Pounds

– Deposits – 

None Until Born

– Waiting List –

No call back or waiting list

* Price *

AKC offers two registration types to control breeding options and the price varies between the two, but is the same for males and females.  AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) is $1,400 and AKC Full Registration (full breeding rights) is $2,400.  The AKC Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration in the future by paying the difference of $1,000.  Deposits are $300.  

* Reserving Your Pick *

As soon as the pups are born, picks of the litter are available for reservation. I will create a new page for the litter which will have “Pay Now” buttons to reserve your pick directly through the website. Between the time the pups are born and the new page is created, you can reserve a pick by contacting me directly. The arrival of the new litter will not be announced until the new page is published. I usually have the page created within a day or two of the whelping date.

Indi’s Puppies – 4 Weeks

Sorry for the delay on this video.  I recorded it the morning I left for a family reunion and couldn’t get it uploaded until now.  

We took the puppies out into a pasture for their first time and you can see how it takes them a minute to get used to the new location and texture of grass.  They are growing fast and you’ll get to meet your new puppy in just a few weeks.


Bandit has been the best dog!! Accompanying us on hikes and camping, snuggling up to us at night and even protecting our daughters. Bandit and our 2 girls have become best friends (and partners in crime). He is loved so so much!



Bailey born from Rico and Sammy 2 and a half years ago. She has been with me at work and play. She hasn’t been able to duck hunt yet but she has been deer, elk and on scouting trips. Very good girl. Great attitude and a bit of a sense of humor.


Levi 7 Months – Sammies Puppy

Hi! We wanted to share with you how much we love Levi! He is the perfect addition to our family. He loves the beach, sun, parks, going on car rides and gets along great with our 13 year old lab Jake. Thank you so much!
The Bernard family