Willow x Rex Estimated 5/18 (Black & Yellow)

– Lab Style –

“American Lab”

– Estimated Size –

50-65 Pounds

– Deposits – 

None Until Born

– Waiting List –

No call back or waiting list

* Price *

AKC offers two registration types to control breeding options and the price varies between the two, but is the same for males and females.  AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) is $1,400 and AKC Full Registration (full breeding rights) is $2,400.  The AKC Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration in the future by paying the difference of $1,000.  Deposits are $300.  

* Reserving Your Pick *

As soon as the pups are born, picks of the litter are available for reservation. I will create a new page for the litter which will have “Pay Now” buttons to reserve your pick directly through the website. Between the time the pups are born and the new page is created, you can reserve a pick by contacting me directly. The arrival of the new litter will not be announced until the new page is published. I usually have the page created within a day or two of the whelping date.

Izzie 3 years old now

We have had Izzie 3.5 years now and she is one of the best hunting dogs my husband has ever had (his words) she has also been the best family dog. She LOVES to play fetch and is an excellent running partner, and is wonderful with the kids… and is best friends with our cat Oliver. Oh and she loves to sleep with a pillow.



We love our Annie girl born October 3rd 2020. She’s learning a lot from our 13 year old lab mix, Bailey.


Echo X Rex Litter Has Arrived

I returned home late Wednesday from my first ice fishing adventure in the mountains to find a wonderful surprise, Echo was finished whelping! We have 6 males (4 black and 2 yellow) and 2 females (2 black).  To those of you that have texted me or left messages while I was out of service, I’m sorry but I wasn’t comfortable returning messages so late after my return.  It’s currently 2:45 am and I’ll return calls and messages after I get up in the morning, sorry for the inconvenience.

Your pick of the litter can be reserved here.  If the pick you attempt to reserve is “out of stock”, quickly select the following next pick.  The dropdown menu and availability chart have to be updated manually, and won’t change until I return to the computer and can make the edits.

Echo’s page has not been created yet but Rico is her father and Indi is her mother.  Echo is an impressive athlete in a tiny package.  She weighs about 47 pounds and is fast!  Her high retrieving drive makes her a joy to play with and excels in the field in hunting situations.  

Echo's First Litter of Black and Yellow Labradors Retrievers

Echo X Rex Litter Coming Soon

Echo is getting very close, she is due 12/31.  It has been busy over the holidays, but I will get a new page created for her and also get some pictures posted.  Echo is the daughter of Rico and Indi.  She is small and quick with a very high retrieving drive.  For someone looking for an adventure dog, her compact frame and high endurance will allow her to keep up with your active lifestyle.  Rex is the black dog on the right and Echo is on the right.

Alexia's First Ducks with Rex and Echo